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Former pupils or students of an academic institution. Most schools, colleges and universities have an 'alumni association' or society, which stay in touch with former students through newsletters and events.


A term often used to indicate that a qualification has a practical rather than theoretical focus - for example, courses in 'applied science' focus on practical experiments and science in the workplace.


The University's museum of art and archaeology. It is the oldest museum in the UK.



The charges made to a member of a college (student or Fellow) for accommodation, meals, etc.


Short for Bodleian, which is a common for the series of libraries owned by the University. 

BOD Card

The BOD Card identifies students and staff as official members of the University. 
A BOD Card is made up of a head shot, valid date, university number, university course and college/department.

The card allows access to buildings across the university including libraries, departments, labs. Though depending on the course students are studying certain areas will not be available to access.


An amount of financial aid for students to fund their studies. 



Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.
A course option at the University of Oxford.



A modern campus is a collection of buildings that belong to a given institution, either academic or non-academic. Usually a campus includes librarieslecture halls, residence halls, student centres or dining halls, and park-like settings.


The head of a university or college, in name only - it is an honorary position. The Vice-Chancellor is the head of the university, responsible for its day-to-day running.

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